Wedding Tips

Advertising Tips

Bridal Fairs

One of the most positive places to expose brides to your work is at Bridal Fairs. These events are conducted throughout the year and are open to anyone who sells products for weddings.

This is an ideal place to display your portraiture, along with finished albums. You should also be prepared to discuss 'packages' for weddings.

Website Features

Many brides go to a photographers website for more information about their work. This is a perfect place to display special offers to potential brides. Be specific and don't make outragious offers.

Women who visit these sites (or send their family) want specific ideas from a professional. Make sure that they don't have to wander around before they can find what they're looking for!!!


The first place that a woman goes, after she gets engaged, is to the news stand to buy a bridal magazine. There are too many to list, but rst assured that a well positioned ad will reach a majority of your potential clients.

Get help in creating this ad, since a poor ad will only serve to eliminate you from consideration.

Community Postings

Depending on the size of the area in which you do business, you may be able to post notices or advertising in the town hall. There are also places to put up ads on bulletin boards.

Hotel 'Quid Pro Quo'

Every hotel has a sales & catering department. It is their job to coordinate all affairs that are booked, including food, rooms, liquor, etc. You have an excellent opportunity to get the hotel sales manager to barter with you for advertising that will benefit both parties. This 'quid pro quo' gets them free shots of the hotel events/venues to use in magazines and their lobby, while they promote you to prospective wedding clients. They get their pictures and you get great referrals!

Radio & Television

There are many opportunities to get your name in front of the public. Contracting for radio ads or non-major network television is a great way to gain valuable exposure.

You should put some thought into your message, and be specific with any offer that you promote.

Telephone Directories

It seems obvious, but you must have an ad in your local telephone directory. Not a line listing!

This is the only thing that people see when looking for a photographer. Make it big enough to make a difference and make sure to list all of the types of photography you are offering.

Marketing Tips

Planning Annual Wedding Programs

Wedding Photography is a special type of profession. You need to set up specific guidelines for your business, so as not to disappoint clients. Scheduling can run up to five years, so you will need to make sure to have sufficient staff to cover concurrent events.

If you are working alone, be sure to be realistic in the time needed for each part of the wedding event. If you have additional 'shooters', then you can book multiple affairs on the same day. either way, you must plan.

Setting Price

When setting up your pricing structure for the year, remember to factor in a specific cost analysis. As your core costs increase, be sure to adjust your retail pricing accordingly. The 'pieces and parts' of your offering must include (but are not limited to) materials, labor, overhead, freight, etc.

Developing Strategies

Photographers should view themselves as a commissioned artist. As such, you should present your work packaged, with all extras included. Just like an Art Gallery would!

When was the last time you purchased an oil painting without a 'free' frame and all of the appropriate finishing touches? Probably never. That is why you should always include a picture frame and wedding album with every wedding package.

If you are only taking smaller images, be sure to include photo frames and folders with your studio name foil stamped on the image. This is your free advertising.....use it!

Training Staff

Dealing with potential wedding clients is a very labor intensive job. It takes very specific training to get each one of your staff up to speed. The relationships that are formed will be invaluable to future sales.

Sales Tips

Package Pricing

You should try to sell your images in a package. This will allow your customers to feel like there is a 'value added' concept and they will not need to go elsewhere to frame their portrait.

The more products that you can include in your portrait packages, the more your customers are willing to go to one level higher in expenditure.

Items like albums, proof books, pocket albums, etc. are some of the items you can include in wedding packages.

Consultative Selling

The most important concept in selling anything, is the interaction between the sales person and their client. Finding out what their needs are and satisfying them will lead to a win/win experience for both parties.

This is known as consultative selling. It is the core skill that separates 'pitch men' from a genuinely interested merchant.

When you meet with potential clients, try to put them at ease and help them to identify the most important things at their wedding. When they really consider the choices they need to make, they will understand the importance of Photography. More than any other expense (food, liquor, flowers, etc.), photographs last a lifetime!

Building In Add On Products

Ancillary products are the ones that you incorporate into a sale, after the core portrait sale is complete. They can be photo frames, folders, small albums, acrylic frames and key chains, etc. You get the idea.

These smaller sales accomplish two things. First, they allow you to finish the smaller proof prints that the customer has purchased. Second, they will sharply increase the transaction size and your bottom line!

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